January 31, 2018

CryoSlim is a Fat reduction System based on the proven scientific process known as Apoptosis. Fat cells will die at a temperature of 4c or less and then exit the body through the body’s natural waste system.

We set out to develop a system that is simple and easy to operate and is also durable and reliable.

Our primary temperature reduction equipment is based around Secop (formerly Danfoss) German Compressor and Electronics technology, this enables our equipment to operate at temperatures in the +15c to -18c range.

CryoSlim was designed and produced in conjunction with our United States Technology Partners and is manufactured in the UK, it is CE certified and FDA (USA) compliant.

Because CryoSlim operates on 12v/24v it is extremely safe and is fully portable, it can be operated via any 12v/24v power source such as a car battery or via a mains invertor which reduces 120v/230v/240v to 12v power.

Manufactured using State-of-the-Art injection moulding technology the product is designed to withstand the rigours of travel on a daily basis, our custom designed Neoprene carry case adds to the asthetics and toughness of our equipment .

Our Ergonomically designed wraps are manufactured using the highest quality Titanium Backed Neoprene, included in your purchase is ALL the equipment you will need to get started immediately upon completion of training.

The specially formulated organic CryoLiquid used in our system is tested to -24c.

The CryoSlim system comes with a comprehensive warranty and in the unlikely event a repair is necessary it will be completed within 24 hours or a replacement unit supplied, we have UK stock, UK spares and UK technicians, it is worth mentioning that to date in clinical and field trials there have been no problems and no repairs needed.

All or units are GPS tracked for insurance anti-theft purposes.

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